Free Bonus Offers, coupled with the comfort of playing all of your favourite casino games in the comfort of your favourite armchair, are what sets online casinos apart from the rest.  Land-based casinos do not have the infrastructure and particular mode of function to be able to incorporate free bonus offers.

It’s easy for new players to become confused as a result of the various bonus offers on display on Canada’s online casino sites.  In essence, there is actually nothing confusing about online casino free bonus offers, and a basic explanation is bound to clear up any confusion.

Types of Online Casino Free Bonus Offers

There are two main types of online casino free bonus offers when you start playing blackjack etc.  The first of these – and the most common of the two in casinos in Canada – is the Play Only Bonus.  This type of bonus is retained in a separate account by the online casino, and may only be used to wager.  The Play Only Bonus can never be withdrawn to the player’s account – only the actual winnings won by the player whilst making use of the Play Only Bonus amount.  The original bet amount is returned to the retainer account, and the winnings are available to withdraw to the player’s own account.

The second type of online casino free bonus offer is the Withdrawable Bonus.  This bonus may be withdrawn to the player’s own personal account – typically on condition that a specified number of wagers must be made using the Withdrawable Bonus amount, before it can be paid out.

Winning and losing bets both count in making up the minimum number of wagers.  It’s all down to lady luck as to which way the chips will fall.

Players would also do well to familiarise themselves with the time requirement placed on the bonus, if any.  Some casinos specify that the bonus must be cashed out within a certain time frame.  Allowing the bonus to lapse will result in any amounts not being withdrawn being forfeited by the player.

Online Casino Free Bonus VIP Programs

VIP loyalty programs, along with free bonus offers, aim to return something to the player in exchange for loyalty to the casino.  Special benefits, cash back offers and bonus prizes are all part of the deal.  VIP loyalty programs work on a points system – the more points accumulated, the bigger and higher the level of the reward.

Points are typically only scored on paid games, with some games earning more points than others.  Games with a higher house edge usually accumulate more points than those with a lower house edge.  Online casinos in Canada are well-known for extraordinary VIP programs, offering a large selection of incentives to loyal players. Check out the various bonuses on offer at your local Spin casino Canada has to offer.

Online casino free bonus offers and online VIP loyalty programs are typically more lucrative than bonuses and loyalty programs offered by Canadian land-based casinos.  Cash back rewards are especially popular among online players in Canada, establishing a sense of loyalty and thus ensuring that players keep coming back on a regular basis.