Losing large sums of money is as much a part of Sports Betting as winning equally ridiculous amounts. High rollers tend to take it in their stride, as no big bettor would be seen limping after a defeat.

For most sports bettors, the types of wins and losses we’ll be describing in this article are nowhere near the sums of money made and lost at the local bookies, but these big busts will see you squirming in your seats. So, without further ado let’s start with perhaps one of the most satisfying losses in Sports Betting’s recent past.

One Big Smack For Vegas Dave

We all like to secretly indulge in a bit of schadenfreude from time to time. It feels good to see someone get their comeuppance when you think they deserve it. The Sports Betting community at large basked in warm satisfaction following Vegas Dave’s massive loss of $1 million when Amanda Nunes beat Miesha Tate at the UFC 200.

It’s already hard to feel particularly bad for someone who has $1 million to bet with, but Dave it’s almost impossible. The man has been caught using other people’s social security numbers at the bookmakers, selling counterfeit trading cards and selling losing picks to bettors hoping for a change of luck.

The Man Who Gained It All (And Lost It Instantly)

Big time https://australiansportsbetting.net/sports/ Bettors know when to call it a day, but every now and again the good luck can get to one’s head. This was true in the unfortunate case of Steven Richards – a roofing contractor by day and accomplished Sports Bettor by night.

With an accumulator bet, the initial wager of which was a mere 5 GBP, he racked up just under 40 000 GBP in the course of twelve consecutive rugby games. Just when he would have walked away with an incredible sum, he decided to put 30 000 GBP down on a thirteenth. He lost almost all of his accumulated wealth in one bet. That must’ve hurt.

A Dramatic Loss From The Past

Let’s head back in time to a simpler, yet more perilous time in Sports Betting history and examine the unusual life of a man named Matthew Webb. He’d bet against the public with his swimming endurance stunts. However, in doing this he was often putting his very life down as a wager. In 1883 he wagered that he’d be able to swim in the dangerous waters below the Niagara Falls. He was never seen again.

Luckily these days events like this are rare, but in the internet era, these kinds of bizarre bets are once again rearing their ugly heads. Now however, the prize is metered out in views and likes, with real currency almost forgotten. Let Matthew Webb serve as a reminder that silly games often win silly prizes.

Losses are a part of sports betting, but these losses needn’t damage your life or livelihood. Set spending limits for yourself, and don’t play under the influence of alcohol. Remember that it is your knowledge and intuition that let you win, so ensure that these are never compromised.