Players are invited to pull the real money sword from the virtual slots stone when they settle in to enjoy World Match Software’s Xcalibur online slots offering. This five-reel, 50 payline online slots machine game features an epic medieval adventure theme that revolves around the Arthurian legend about the sword in the stone, and invites players to try their hand at holding on to the real money rewards.

Xcalibur online slots provides players with potentially profitable bonus features like expanding wilds; a free spins game; and an extra bonus round crammed full of random prizes. There is also a jackpot line-multiplier of 1 000 available for players to try to activate.

Xcalibur Online Slots is the Stuff of Legend

The legend of King Arthur and his round table is one of the most famous in British folklore, and relates the story of how the fearless king first rose to power, and ended up leading the kingdom in its desperate defence against the mighty Saxon invaders. This fable has been reinterpreted many times over the years, taking the form of romantic films and epic poems, and the online slots version is now available for real money casino game fans to enjoy whenever they go online as well.

The five-reel slots machine game version by World Match Software has Xcalibur offering up some of the famous characters of this myth: mighty Merlin appears; as does gorgeous Guinevere; and King Arthur is the star of this real money show. Other icons in use include images of the symbols of office and weaponry that this period of history would have made use of, like shields; helmets; and swords. There is even a dangerous dragon to up the adrenaline factor, and make the narrative of this great game that much more enjoyable.

Betting Options for Xcalibur Online Slots by World Match

Players who decide to start enjoying Xcalibur online slots by World Match Software will be working with a total of 50 paylines, and these are not fixed, allowing players to set the amount which they wish to have active as per their personal preferences. These options include having only one line in play; activating five; bringing ten to the party; upping this to 25; or going for the big wins with all 50 lines in place.

Like in various other internet casino slots having many levels at, there are seven bet levels available as well, with these amounts ranging from just 0.01 to 1, and various bet line multipliers are available as the reels are set to spinning.

A Traditional Aesthetic Governs Xcalibur Online Slots

As far as the visual aspects of Xcalibur online slots by World Match Software is concerned, there are no striking departures from the format these games are generally assigned. The two-dimensional illustrations are detailed, however, and will prove a pleasant experience in terms of what the eye can see. The reels provided against this classic backdrop make it possible for players to place their focus on their strategy and betting decisions, and allow the actual playing of the game to override graphic tricks.