The DJ Wild slot is an online casino game created by ELK Software. It features a thumping soundtrack, highly elaborate opening sequence, and dazzling visual effects. The game goes a long way to setting up the scene, with a full motion video introduction that declares the player as a star DJ. This opening movie alone helps the game stand apart in terms of production value, with the detail of the user interface and clear effort that is gone into the soundtrack likewise putting the experience in a class of its own. The game is available for mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

Standard Play Rules

The DJ Wild Slot machine game uses the expected slot machine rules, with a few added additions. First, the player must decide on a betting amount, which can be done via the coins button on the left of the screen. Once the amount is decided upon, the player may then spin the reels via the spin button, found at the bottom right of the screen.

The reels will spin and come to a stop. Any sequences mad will automatically be marked by a solid line, and a payout will be made. Payouts are determined by the value of the symbols in the sequence.

The player may now again adjust the betting amount before taking another spin. Note that this game uses a five reel, twenty play line system, but does not allow the player to change the number of lines used. Hence, all twenty lines are always in play. If any bonus symbols are landed during play, their special features will automatically be triggered with no input required from the player.

Betting Strategy System

The DJ Wild slot machine game has a unique feature; an automatic betting strategy system. By tapping the menu button, the player will get access to a number of betting strategies. If selected each strategy will automatically adjust betting options, in accordance with the system explained. Not often seen in most pokies discovered here, players should be sure to take advantage of this highly innovative and unique feature.

Standard Game Play Symbols

The DJ Wild slot machine game uses traditional fruit symbols, but with a special twist; each piece of fruit is presented as a glistening piece of precious stone. The lowest value symbols are a cherry, lemon and watermelon, while the mid value symbols are a plum, spinning board, and mixing board. The highest value symbol in the game is the keyboard, which will pay a substantial amount if matched with itself the maximum of five times. The real money in the game, however, lies on the bonus features.

Bonus Symbols and Features

The DJ Wild slot machine game has two bonus systems. The first is the Dj Jackpot symbol, represented by a silhouetted DJ. If this icon lands on the centre reel, a major cash bonus is instantly granted. The second bonus symbol is the DJ wild symbol, recognisable by the written words. If landed, this symbol will expand and create an entire row of wild symbols, allowing for many matching sequences to be created in the current play area.