The NBA is one of the most popular basketball leagues in the world. Based in the USA, the league plays games every night during the season, which ranges from October to April each year. The NBA games are all male, with the women’s basketball league having a different name. Punters from many countries around the world place bets on the games during the season, which culminates in a final, which is played between two teams.

Betting Options

To place a bet on the NBA if one is not actually in America is an easy exercise thanks to modern technology. These days placing a bet can be done online, with a large number of sites offering a variety of wagers. Even from a country half way around the world such as New Zealand or Australia, punters can keep up to date with the nightly games, and wager on players, games or even teams.

To find one of these sites, you will have to have a device, which not only can connect to the internet, but also can provide a safe and stable internet connection. One of the most popular devices to do that with these days is a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. Mobile devices can be used anywhere that you are to place wagers, which allows for much more mobility and ease of access

Another bonus to using a mobile device to place a wager is than a number of the sites offer live NBA betting &  streaming or podcasts of games. If you are not able to be near a television, you can watch the game via the site using your mobile.

Knowing your Teams

The NBA can be a very frustrating league to place a wager on, as things change almost overnight. This is partly due to the face that games are played every day, which means that players are often injuring themselves or being swapped out by coaches.  Coaches will play the best players against opposite teams, so keeping up to date with who is and isn’t in the games is imperative.

Favourite teams may be so because of their winning history, or even a star player. Do not underestimate underdog teams however. And underdog team may just be underrated because they have not had any high profile players, or any serious media coverage.  Have a look at teams, which may look so good on paper, but seem to have a strong chance against rivals. A successful bet on an underdog is worth more than a successful bet on a favourite.

Know your Wagers

Knowing which wagers to place on games and teams is almost as important as knowing the teams themselves. There are a number of wagers that are offered by online betting sites like at, ranging from the easiest such as a win bet, to much more complicated things such as futures betting. Placing a wager according to your experience level will help to ensure that your betting experience is a good one.

Futures betting is done at the beginning of the season, and basically predicts which teams will do well in the future, and possibly win the league. Of course all sorts of unforeseen things can befall a team or a player, which makes futures betting a pretty hard thing to do. A very good knowledge of the sport, the players and the teams is imperative when playing futures betting.