The Internet has changed the way the modern world operates. With advanced systems that are nearly self sufficient, couple with the enormous variety of sports games played around the globe daily; online sports betting sites have capitalized on the potential of every second.

Lets throwback to 1996, two soccer teams, Tottenham Hotspur and Hereford United played against one another in an FA Cup replay. The game itself was a completely normal game as per usual football madness, yet there was something very special about the particular match in question.

The Inception of Online Sports Betting

This game was the first game in history that was bet on in an online environment and is known for the inception of online sports betting. It was the first ever-online sports wager in history, as a company called Intertops accepted a $50 wager from a Finnish customer.

After the successful transaction, the online sports betting market exploded into a now thriving Internet business, which shows no signs of slowing down.

The information here will help players make sense of analogue virtues in a digital realm, decoding the evolution of online sports betting.

The Industry has Grown Rapidly

Online sports betting domains have grown rapidly. At first there were a handful of sites operating online sports betting environments, fast-forwarding to today, there are a multiplicity of online sports betting websites offering players a complete range of action.

This is good news for players in quest of valuable sports books as the industry has bread competition, meaning you get better and better value at various reputable online sports betting companies.

Technology has Streamlined the Experience

With more types of wagers, better site experiences and the inclusion of some interesting genres like Live betting, online sports books have paved the way for a smoother experience than that of any land-based brick and mortar establishment. Players opting for online sports books get more reward quicker and from the comfort of their own space.

Legal Requirements

When online sports betting first began, the industry was not highly moderated or regulated. There were no stringent protocols that had to be adhered to as the majority of the world’s governments never saw fit to impose legal requirements on sports betting.

The obvious disadvantage here is that certain providers went about business in dark and deceptive methods, which saw many millions of people duped by scam artists. With the advances in security protocols and government monitoring policies, online sports betting has become far more controlled and safe to participate in.

The majority of nations do not ban people from participating in online sports betting and players can rest assured that reputable online gaming sites hold private data and information to the highest standards protecting you from any potential threats with the best software the Industry can offer.

Incentives to Play

Most online betting sites will reward players with a bonus in order to reward players for committing to a particular provider. These bonus offers vary from sports book to sports book and the majority of websites will issue players with cash rewards on top of deposits made, or other incentives such as more lucrative odds, which have the potential to reward higher winnings.