Food Fight is a classic video slots machine game, and it features scatter symbols and two bonus features: the Ice-Cream Cone Sundae bonus and the Food Fight bonus. The latter will award players bonus prize credits for each successful throw.

Food Fight features five reels and nine paylines, meaning there are five spinning reels from which players are able to form winning combinations. Each coin inserted into this virtual slots machine game will enable another payline, and, when the reels stop spinning and come to a stop, game software automatically checks the symbol combinations of each activated payline.

Information about Food Fight Slots

Players are able to activate anything from one to nine lines, and wager amounts range from 0.01 to 5 per payline, in a variety of supported currencies. Only the highest win on an active payline will be paid out, but coinciding wins on different paylines will all be added together. Details on payouts are available on the paytable, and scatter symbols do not need to appear on an enabled payline in order to secure wins.

Regular symbols will pay out from left to right on reels one to five, in consecutive order, except for scatter symbols. Any winnings incurred during the bonus games will be added to those acquired during the regular game.

Symbols for Food Fight Slots

The ice-cream, cone and topping symbols for Food Fight slots are the scatter symbols, and do not need to appear on an enabled win in order to secure a win. These symbols can only appear on the second, third and fourth reels of the game. As in a some mobile optimized casino slots at, these scatter symbols will complete winning combinations no matter where they land, as longs as they all appear simultaneously. Should this occur, the Ice-Cream Cone Sundae Bonus game will be activated.

Bonus Features for Food Fight

When the ice-cream, cone and topping symbols land anywhere on the second, third and fourth reels at the same time the Ice-Cream Sundae bonus game will be activated. During this part of the slots game, should a player receive all three pieces of the ice-cream cone sundae the symbols will combine and reward players with a random bonus prize. Once this portion of the game has been completed, the player will be returned to the main Food Fight game and any wins incurred will be added to the player’s total.

When the pie plate, filling and cherry scatter symbols appear simultaneously on the first, third or fifth reels the second food fight bonus feature will be activated. Here players will be throwing pies, and each hit will secure wins. Maximum bets on the maximum amount of paylines during this feature could secure wins of as many as 3960 coins.

Players will need to select a victim, and, once the target has been chosen simply clicking on the virtual hand holding the virtual pie will allow the tossing to begin. A bonus prize will be awarded for each successful hit, and this portion of the game will draw to a close when the player misses his or her intended pie-recipient.