Financial betting is the simple act of betting on financial markets. This is traditionally a great way to get into investments at a much smaller entrance than normal. Unlike investments, in financial betting you do not actually own any of the underlying stock you choose to bet on, merely a wager placed upon the movement of the stock.


Type Of Financial Betting

There exist 3 main of financial betting, which we will cover below. It is important to note that in no form of financial betting do you own any nature of stock, this remains a wager placed on the movement of the stock or asset in question.

  • Fixed odds betting – A simple wager in which you predict if a certain stock will hit a certain value. In this case, the odds will be supplied depending on the value selected. In some cases, precalculated bets will be offered to you with predetermined odds, in other cases you are able to set a bet (highlight your own prediction) at which point odds will be calculated for you. Let’s look at an example. Gold price is currently at $58,320.10 per kg, with a week high of $58,954.82 per kg. At this rate, we know that gold has fallen slightly in value. You could predict that gold will rise above $62,000.00 within a week, the odds makers would then decide appropriate odds for this example, let’s use 4.0, and you have the opportunity to make the bet. You have bet $100 on this bet, if gold does make the selected amount after a week, you would win $300 excluding your initial capital.
  • Floating odds betting – A more complex wager in which odds will be calculated live as the markets fluctuate. Essentially, you will choose if the stock will move in the positive or the negative, as the stock moves, your odds will be calculated live. This can be more profitable than fixed odds betting, but does come with large risks. For beginners at least, it is advised to practice first in fixed odds or binary betting before trying to make use of floating odds betting.
  • Binary betting – Possibly the most fast-paced and easiest form of financial betting is binary betting. The risk versus reward dynamic is very alluring to new bettors as it generally requires less in-depth market knowledge and can be operated at much shorter terms than any other nature of financial betting. In Binary betting, you are given a return percentage and a time frame you wish to bet on. Ranging anywhere from one minute to one week, there are a lot of time frames to choose from. You will place a wager predicting whether the market will be up or down from what it is at the current time. Your winning odds are the percentage given of your bet. Simple and easy, although you will require a good strategy to be successful.

All the above-mentioned financial bets favor a different type of bettor. Find what works best for you to make your winning bets.