The Olympics has firmly seated itself at the height of sporting prowess, the best of the best from every country in the world compete. Being the pinnacle of the human endeavour in sport makes for some incredible betting opportunities for not only betting made from great research and predictions, but that in support of your country too.


From an overview, the most rewarding factor in any betting is the potential for financial gain. Supporting a team or even country you love is great, supporting them while making money is even better.

Sportsbooks have come to realize the influence that the Olympics has to offer.

With a lot of new bettors wanting to place bets on fantastic events like those provided in the Olympics, sportsbooks are in a position where they are fighting for the consumers to use them for their next bet. Fortunately for us as consumers, the best way for a sportsbook to get our business is by supplying the best odds.

On an event of this size, it is common ground to find odds better than that supplied in other sporting events. While different sportsbooks may focus on supplying better odds in different events, shopping for better odds for your Olympic bets can be extremely financially rewarding.


There is no getting around this one, the Olympics is one of the most exciting sporting events that there is in the world, and betting only serves to make it even more of a rush. Nobody can forget the thrill of watching Usain Bolt break two world records in a single year, or Michael Phelps putting on the performance of a lifetime and bringing home 8 gold medals in a single trip to the Olympics.

These are two of literally hundreds of success stories born in the Olympics, and they are nowhere near done yet. The Olympics is the place where standards of “what is possible” change. Humans push harder and give better performance than the world has ever seen. There is very little that is more exciting in the betting world than having a good wager on a sport you love and coming out on top.


There is no event available with more variety than that given by the Olympics. Over 200 countries competing for top positions in over 50 disciplines spanning well over 300 events, there is literally something for everybody in the Olympics. From artistic gymnastics to football and even BMX freestyle in the mix, there is no limit to the number of bets one could place during the 17 odd days of fixtures.

Be A Better Bettor

While there is an almost limitless number of bets available for any avid bettor, it’s always important not to be overwhelmed by the sheer number and focus on what you know best. Let your research guide your bets and understand exactly what you are betting on.

Keeping in mind where you bet is almost as important as what you bet on, be sure to do some shopping for the best odds before you make your winning bet on the Olympics.