Players are invited to soar to the skies with Playtech’s aviation-themed slots machine game, Wings of Gold. It has five reels, upon which an array of diverse fighter jets will take wing and roll into their proper positions, all with the chance of players potentially creating winning combinations along the 20 lines Playtech has provided for play.

Players are supported as they fly up to new financial heights by means of a number of special features for Wings of Gold online slots: there is a wild icon and a scatter symbol provided that can award as many as 100 free spins. There is also a so-called Xtra Win feature that players are able to activate at any point in the game, which can apply the extra thrust the jet engines may require, and significantly increase the game’s potential payouts.

Players Take to the Air with Wings of Gold Online Slots

Players who have always nurtured a secret dream of piloting a plane can have Wings of Gold online slots from Playtech help them do just that –with the added bonus of boosting their bankrolls while they are at it. The virtual trips that players are able to take with this game will give them the very same adrenaline rush that an actual aeroplane would, as they soar up to new notions of real money play.

Wings of Gold’s setting is that of the skies a pilot would roam in his or her aeroplane, and there are a number of different icons in place which will dictate how much of a return the player is likely to make. The lowest of these are the playing card icons of nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace, and these are offered up as slabs of aircraft metal in the same gunmetal grey that traditional fighter jets usually display. The sound-effects of rushing air will place spinners right in the thick of the vertiginous action as well, with these accompanying classic spitfires; a heavy-weight bomber; and an F-16 fighter jet as the icons in use. There are cool cats piloting these planes as well, with a good-looking pilot cast in the hero’s role, along with a trademark moustache, and a fine-looking, feisty red-head taking up the role of his co-pilot and helpmeet.

Players Start Their Engines with Wings of Gold Wagers

Learning to fly a real fighter jet is far trickier than navigating the virtual realm of Wings of Gold, and players will find this online slots machine title far easier to navigate than they may expect. The only thing required from the prospective punter is that he or she determines two factors:

  1. How many of the total 20 paylines will be active during play
  2. How much the bet on each of these will be while the game is unfolding

Since there are only three different bets available, 0.2; 1; and 5, the decision-making process is an easy one, but players should bear in mind that there are different wagering alternatives as a result of each of these selections. These variations will all be laid out for players to scrutinise before they take to the virtual skies in the paytable that Playtech provides.